Why Use Creative Cloud for Web Design

If you’d like to pursue creative endeavors, you must follow the right channels and have the right tools, and web designing is no exception to this rule. Creative Cloud is the perfect solution for all your needs as a web designer. With its compact applications, robust suite of features and functionality, you’ll probably find it to be the best choice of software to guide you in your professional creative career of web design.

Creative Cloud includes Adobe Photoshop CC, one of the most popular and well-known applications. Thanks to its powerful editing features, Photoshop is used throughout an immense range of creative careers, including photography, graphic designing, animation, advertising, films and, of course, web designing. The latest features available in Photoshop CC 2017 include its capability to manipulate images to perfection with ease.

Another key aspect is its ability to optimize image adaptation. It can help you design and use scalable images without losing its quality. This means that the graphics in web contents can easily be projected to other devices like mobile phones or tablets, solving one of the most common issues in web designing.

Adobe Portfolio Creative WebsitesCreative Cloud’s library is also a powerful kit that can help you as a web designer. You get access to their TypeKit collection which includes thousands of fonts and icons. Creative Cloud also gives you heaps of images, videos, and website design templates through Adobe Stock. All of which, can gear you up and help you build the unique feel that you aim for in your design.

Another reason to use Creative Cloud is that it has made it easier to access applications used for both graphics and web design. The fact that it is less expensive than buying programs that provide different functions separately, adds to its sweet benefits. Plus, you can opt for a free trial, so you can see what you’re getting before you pay for it.

Some of the new features in Creative Cloud include PhoneGap Build which is used for building mobile apps that work identically across different platforms, Scout, a tool to help you profile SWF, an App-building tool called FlashBuilder using ActionScript language, and many more.

Adobe CC has given us this plethora of tools and libraries that can help us get through a rather vast and sometimes complex discipline of web designing and that is why it’s a good choice.