Adobe Caters for the African Market with Super Low Creative Cloud Pricing for Students

For those businesses that operate in the Design space, there is no mystery as to what software is best suited for the job. Whether you are a web designer, Digital Designer, Graphic Designer or you offer Multimedia services, chances are really good that a big part of your tool set consists of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

You pay a good amount of money for this software subscription; money you would likely not pay if this were a hobby, but it’s not. This is your livelihood and the way in which Adobe simplifies complex tasks, reducing to hours, tasks that could otherwise take weeks and so it pays for itself over and over again. However, if you are a student and don’t have business coming in, the cost of a commercial licence of Adobe would be far too much to spend, simply to learn to use the software.

Fortunately, Adobe has taken this into consideration and has made multiple licences available to suit as many needs as possible. For the person in government there is specific licence, while the nonprofit organization enjoys a different licence. Educational institutions enjoy yet another, a far cheaper licence than the others I have just mentioned, and there is even a licence for teachers and students.

These licences are 60% less than the commercial licence, making it affordable for students in first world countries like Germany and Europe in general, but students in impoverished countries still find this cost unaffordable for the most part.

Adobe CC Student Pricing South Africa

Adobe has gone the extra mile to accommodate these students. As part of a larger agreement among education institutions in Southern Africa, students now have access to Adobe Creative Cloud CC  for Students at a low price that even they can afford. The result of this is that a large group of creative students that were previously unable to afford Adobe Creative Cloud are now able to develop their skills and improve their chances of success in the workplace going forward.

This special pricing is available through Learning Curve, Adobe’s Platinum Reseller for Africa. You can visit their website here for more details:

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